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Agrinatura Partners

Agrinatura brings its collective resources to work in partnership with international collaborators. It seeks to nurture scientific excellence through joint research, educational and training programmes and projects and advocates for greater support for agricultural research and educational programmes that contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the new agenda of Sustainable Development Goals.

AGRINATURA participates in the major international events (European, regional and global) related to agricultural research for development, in order to: closely interact with its international partners and other stakeholders on their needs and expectations with regard to the European scientific community.

Drive the agenda of Agrinatura

Agrinatura interacts and participates in world fora, platforms, committees and international organizations such as: FARA, FAO CFS, GFAR, EIARD, EFARD, RUFORUM, IFAD, CGIAR, TAP, WFO, FARMD, relevant Directorates of the European Commission and lobbies within various European organizations and universities such as ICA, GCHERA, IROICA for a far recognition of ARD as a major issue for capacity strengthening in agriculture and related sciences. In 2013 Agrinatura has been officially recognised as an observer of Committee on World Food Security (CFS). Regular contacts have been maintained with the regional fora dedicated to ARD in Africa – in particular FARA and with major international organisations such as GFAR, CGIAR, FAO and donor agencies including IFAD and the World Bank. Closer partnership has been developed with FAO and RUFORUM, and Memorandum of Understanding, building a framework of the FAO and RUFORUM – Agrinatura partnership was signed. Agrinatura participate on international events and conferences such as Africa Agriculture Science Week in Accra organized by FARA, ERA-ARDII international conference, GCHEERA annual meeting, ICA Deans and Rectors Forum and RUFORUM Annual General Meeting. Every year, AGRINATURA supports international multidisciplinary conference TROPENTAG – The annual Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resources Management.