Our Work

Who We Are

Agrinatura is a grouping of European universities and research organizations with a common interest in supporting agricultural development in a sustainable manner in order to improve people’s lives. Agrinatura represents the major research and education stakeholders in Europe dealing with agricultural research and higher education for development.


AGRINATURA and its members place their ability to develop synergies and mobilise resources for accompanying projects from around the world. Their accumulated experience in international research and educational projects and the vast range of research areas is covered by its network.

Agrinatura’s members are ready to share their expertise with you.


The strategic objectives have been defined through a highly participative process, involving a vast number of Members, and building on lessons learned during 30 years of its existence. These are:

  • To play a pro-active policy advocacy role for agricultural research and education for development in Europe and worldwide.
  • To develop, strengthen and encourage strategic alliances, partnerships and networks with and between the different stakeholders (institutions, organisations and individuals) in development, both in the North and in the South.
  • To organise, facilitate and implement joint participation in European and international programmes and projects.
  • To provide support and advice for evidence-based policy making, in particular at the European level.